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About us

Council of Non Governmental Organisations of Lodzkie Region (ROPWL) is federation of NGOs  established in 2002 to represent the interests of the non-governmental sector to the public administration and other partners and to support their development and integration.ROPWL brings together 34 organisations from around the region.

We are strengthening of existing and creating new consultative bodies in municipalities in the Łódź Region.  Our activities are aimed at supporting civil society and local activism. We provide advisory and training support to NGOs and informal groups. ROPWL is experienced partner of public and private organisations, including project management, initiating law changes and other cooperation. Council of Non Governmental Organisations of Lodzkie Region is  the member of the National Federation of Polish NGOs (OFOP) and Working Community of Associations of Social Organisations (WRZOS).

Moreover, we are cooperating with the PARITÄTISCHE Hessen from Germany, which is association of social organizations and institutions.

 About our projects 

Now we are realizing two projects. The first one, “Active civic dialogue in the Lodzkie Voivodeship” is in the frame of the program “Citizens for Democracy” seeks to strengthen of existing and creation new consultative bodies in 12 municipalities in the Łódź Voivodeship. The second one, the task commissioned by the Marshal’s Office of Lodz Region in Lodz,  we are realizing with two partners – Centre for Promotion and Development of Civic Initiatives „OPUS” and Foundation for Education and Development of Civil Society “FERSO”.